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Saturday, November 22, 2008

DJ Shadow - Mutual Slump

Do you feel like Darth Vader?

DJ Shadow is a hip-hop DJ/producer. His debut album, Endtroducing... contains obvious influences of hip-hop, while transcending any clear genre-related boundaries. In "layman's terms," it's a mix of everything. He clearly has an amazing ability in "diggin' through the crates" to find the most obscure samples possible. In fact, the entire album is made from sampling other works. Although I selected "Mutual Slump," I cannot emphasize how much I recommend listening to Endtroducing... in its entirety. This is definitely one of those albums all music fans should hear, and love, during their lifetime. The sad part is, he hasn't released an album anywhere near as good since then. I suppose it is the nature of DJs to spend more time making live appearances and producing for other artists than releasing their own material. But it sure as Hell is frustrating to fans of this album.

He has, however, done some great production work for such artists as UNKLE. "
Rabbit in Your Headlights" is a good one and features Thom Yorke on vocals. He also has some sweet music videos for "Organ Donor" off Endtroducing... and "Six Days" off The Private Press.

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