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Monday, December 22, 2008

Battles - Race:Out

I've been wanting to post this Battles song for a while now. I'm not quite sure what has taken me so long. There are always so many songs I could choose from day to day. Part of it depends on my mood and what I feel like writing about. Anyway ...

I love the way Race : Out starts and builds up. It's a digital song at its core, but less than a minute into the song we're introduced to drum rolls. As the drums pick up their pace, the song shifts forward and the listener is thrown into some crazy whirlwind of keyboard tunes and spurts of electric guitar. Next thing you know the song just fades out and you're left with your pants down wondering--what the hell just happened? Ok, maybe you still have your pants on ...

Favourite Part: I'm a sucker for drums (along with piano and violins) and I just love the way they're utilized in this song.

Battles released their debut album, Mirrored, last year. They're a quartet of multi-instrumentalists who, prior to Battles, were members of other bands.

Race Out - Battles

Just as an FYI: from now on, if you don't see the little iMeem player embedded in the post, then the song title in the text will provide you with a link to another source for you to hear it. Otherwise the link will send you to where you can purchase the song. Hope that makes sense!

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