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I am saddened to say that I will have to put my blog on an indefinite hiatus due to the fact that I currently have more than I can handle on my plate. I want to thank everyone that has ever visited this blog. I hope I have pleasured your eardrums.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Muse - Showbiz

They make me, make me dream your dreams
They make me, make me scream your screams

I couldn't let the year end without posting a song by Muse. Unfortunately, I have to leave the house way sooner than I expected so I can't go on for too long. I'll try to stick to the point ...

There are a lot of bands that are praised for being "different" or for being "experimental." Muse on the other hand isn't really either of these and I say this rather loosely. They're a pretty straight forward band save for Matt Bellamy's amazing piano skills. And it's hard to claim they're different when everyone and their moms keep comparing them to Radiohead. Really, I get it. But as huge fans of both bands, its gotten rather tiresome. The fact that Muse even have a lot of radio friendly hits doesn't make them less appealing at all. In fact, Muse fucking rocks! Side note: if you ever get a chance to see them live--DO IT! Seriously.

Ok so I slightly side-tracked a bit, but it's hard to recommend a song by a band you absolutely love without providing some sort of commentary. "Showbiz" is from their debut LP also titled Showbiz. Unfortunately it doesn't display Bellamy's "amazing piano skills" that I mentioned earlier, but it does have the high energy music and angsty vocals that are characteristic of Muse.

Favourite Part: The guitar shredding that begins around 3:49.

I also couldn't let the year end without doing some sort of "Best of 2008" list(s). You can check out my top 5 (in no particular order) albums/songs/movies here.

Showbiz - Muse

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