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Friday, January 16, 2009

Brand New - Sowing Season

Time to get the seeds into the cold ground
It takes a while to grow anything

I first got into Brand New during high school with the release of their second LP--Deja Entendu. I was definitely more into the whole "emo" genre although I assure you I wasn't slitting my wrists nor covering my face with my hair. I just enjoyed a lot of the bands that were popular around that time (i.e. Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Thursday). So I thought I'd pay homage to those days although they are long behind me.

Despite those days being long gone, I still really like Brand New's third album--The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. Intense title, I know. Some of you might be rolling your eyes, but I think you should give them a try. This album shows a lot of maturity and growth and is way more accessible to those who were never quite fond of the scene. The band has shed their pop-punk style and instead opt for a more layered and textured sound with elements of indie rock. Front man Jesse Lacey pours his heart out into the lyrics that cover life, death, religion, and of course, the self.

The album opens with "Sowing Season (Yeah)" and immediately captures the listener. Lacey is practically whispering over a very hushed guitar. Singing about losing friends and trying to live a better life. Suddenly the song shifts and is filled with Lacey's anguished vocals combined with heavier guitar and drums.

Favourite Part: The combined dynamics of the vocals and music.

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