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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Doves - Friday's Dust

All the toys and creature comforts
All the dreams they can rupture

I listened to The Last Broadcast by the Doves back when it came out in 2002. It never fully grew on me. Not because it sucked but it just didn't stand out as anything amazing or different at the time. I ended up shrugging it off as a Coldplay rip off, which is a statement I could just as easily retract if I gave the album another chance now. However, the one song that really stood out to me as different and continues to do so 'til this day is "Friday's Dust."

The song starts off like a scene from a horror movie where you're on the edge of your seat and feeling really uneasy because you suspect something horrible is about to happen. Just when you can't take anymore, everything calms down but that eerie quality doesn't disappear. Even the vocals at times have this ghost-like tone to them.

Favourite Part: The entire song just has this hauntingly beautiful quality to it with it's grand orchestral arrangements.

The Doves have a new album, Kingdom of Rust, that is due to release later this year.

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