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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gogol Bordello - Punk Rock Parranda

And if your spouse doesn't play a sitar
Don't expect a lot of commitment

When I first heard that "gypsy punk rock" exists I thought it was too good to be true. Lo and behold it is both too good AND true! Enter: Gogol Bordello. As bizarre of a concept as it may seem, it almost makes sense. Gypsies have no regard for authority or "laws" and isn't that what punk rock is built on more or less?

The band formed in New York but many of its members come from Eastern Europe. Lead singer, Eugene Hutz (who can be seen as the aspiring rapper in Everything Is Illuminated) was born and raised in Ukraine but lived in various countries throughout Europe before finally settling in the U.S. All band members bring with them their love for their own culture's music combined with their awesome musicianship.

"Punk Rock Parranda" off Multi Kontra Culti Vs. Irony perfectly displays the band members Eastern European influences. I'm sure those familiar with Flogging Molly will draw a comparison but all one needs to do is listen to Hutz's accent to be reminded that these guys are definitely not Irish. The lyrics throughout this song and the entire album are very quirky and often bring a smile to my face.

Favourite Part: How ridiculously untamed this song is. I can only imagine how crazy their concerts must be and kick myself for not going to their last show. I've heard they're absolutely amazing live so if you ever get the chance I'd highly urge you to go.

For anyone interested, Gogol Bordello is featured in a movie directed by Madonna and starring Eugene Hutz titled Filth and Wisdom. I haven't seen it myself but figure it can't be horrible when you have a band like Bordello in it and lines like, "If you want to touch the sky, fuck a duck and try to fly."

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