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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cold War Kids - Passing the Hat

Stained glasses shine on my red wine
And the sweat of my brow drips to my shaking knees

With the sudden rise in "indie" bands, or maybe just the use of the label, it's become difficult not to get a little jaded at the sight of the word. Not just the word, but the bands themselves. It's becoming more and more difficult to find truly unique bands that fall under this category, mostly because it seems like everyone falls under this category nowadays. This, however, isn't a prelude into how the Cold War Kids are so above and beyond this and actually stand out cause, really, that's a personal matter. I just needed to vent. [:

Passing the Hat," is a great song though, off their debut LP--Robbers & Cowards. It's one of the songs where Nathan Willett's vocals are enjoyable, which isn't to say that I can't stand it in the other tracks. But I believe his high-pitched nasal voice is one of those hate it or love it types. The song tells a story of stealing from the offering plate at church, a favorite pass time for the band (just kidding). As a matter of fact, despite denying being a Christian band during an interview with OC Weekly, their lyrics tell otherwise. Regardless, they seem to be adored by Christians and heathens around.

Recently the band stopped by
Daytrotter to record four tracks, including "Passing the Hat," all of which can be heard or downloaded here with additional commentary by Willett.


  1. oops...what i meant to say was nice choice i really liked their debut. its always good to see local boys come up. is the new album any good?

  2. Thanks! I liked their debut as well but I actually havent heard their new one entirely. From what I've read/heard, its not as good as the first. But if you did like their first you should definitely check it out and decide for yourself! [: