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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bloc Party - Song For Clay (Disappear Here)

East London is a vampire
It sucks the joy right out of me

Hailing from East London,
Bloc Party is a four-piece band with a lot of energy. I personally fell in love with their first album, Silent Alarm, which was released in 2005. I anxiously waited for the sophomore LP, A Weekend in the City, and was again quite pleased. However, it's taking me some time to warm up to their last album, Intimacy, primarily due to the change in sound. It can be quite frustrating when you love a band for their original sound, but they suddenly decide to change it. But this blog isn't for album reviews. So let's stay focused ...

I'm a sucker for songs that start off slow then are suddenly filled with the force of drums. It's better than doing coke lines off a bathroom urinal. I guarantee it. "
Song for Clay" is one of these songs. I don't know who the hell this "Clay" is, but he got a pretty kick ass song dedicated to him. Scratch that, I decided to do a little research and according to Wikipedia the track was originally titled "Merge on the Freeway" and "Song for Clayton," which is apparently inspired by the novel Less Than Zero.

What would we do without Wikipedia?

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