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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Felt - Woman Tonight

Sometimes you gotta let go
Close your eyes and let it crash

What started off as a joke between rappers Slug (of Atmosphere) and Murs (of Living Legends) has now resulted in two albums. The joke: who had a better chance of sleeping with Christina Ricci. Thus, Felt was formed and their first album, A Tribute to Christina Ricci, produced by the Grouch of Living Legends was recorded. The idea was that by dedicating an album to her, they'd increase their chances of having sex with her. Mission: failed. After realizing that neither were getting close to achieving this goal, they decided to move onto another actress, resulting in their 2nd album, A Tribute to Lisa Bonet, produced by Ant of Atmosphere.

Cool side note:
Jim Mahfood (the guy who did the Clerks comics) made a comic visually interpreting the songs off Felt's 2nd album.

Anyway, "Woman Tonight" is probably the best song I've heard by Felt. Sounds like a song you'd hear on either of the rapper's solo albums. Slug's verse contains the usual insecurities and relationship related struggles, while Murs raps about a one night stand.

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