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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Interpol - Wrecking Ball

Nobody told you that I could just walk through
And shake up your style

Our Love to Admire
Interpol's third full length album, but first to be released through a major label, explores a more expansive and atmospheric sound. Whether this grandiose change in sound is an improvement is up to the listener. I can say, however, that it does feel as though the songs are drawn out at times. Despite all that, I love Interpol and I still enjoy listening to this album. If anything, I hope it's a sign that by their fourth album they'll have mastered this new sound and give us an actual "new and improved" Turn on the Bright Lights because you definitely hear echoes of it in this one.

Wrecking Ball" is a perfect example of this "new" sound. Filled with all sorts of instruments and sounds, the song changes and stretches into some sort of epic orchestration. The following closing track, titled "The Lighthouse," takes this to a whole new level. Lyrically, Paul Banks manages to remain discreet, requiring the listener to "read between the lines." So make what you will of it.

The Heinrich Maneuver," also off this album, has seemed to acquire a lot of admiration. Not only has it been remixed several times but can also be found on Strung Out on Indie Rock--a collection of indie cover songs by a string quartet.

P.S. - Lead singer, Paul Banks, fell in love with hip hop before he ever got into rock. Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A. is what did it for him. Nirvana is what changed him.

P.P.S - Interpol drummer Sam Fogarino has a
side project with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver.

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