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Monday, November 24, 2008

Thrice - Moving Mountains

I don't know the first thing about love

Thrice is one of those bands that have gotten better over time and shown actual growth and maturity in their music. Of course, this is up for argument, but I think it's safe to say that they definitely haven't flopped. If anything, I think their current style allows them to attract a larger fan-base that doesn't include prepubescent emo kids. Although, I admit that line from "Moving Mountains" at the top sounds a little emo. But I don't think Dustin is talking about love between two people. As their 4th LP showed, Dustin, and possibly the rest of the band members are men of higher faith. That is unless the line, "We are the image of the invisible" is referring to our stark resemblance to gravity.

Faith, however, is besides the point here. Regardless of what the band members of Thrice may or may not believe in, their last album is testament to their skills as musicians. The Alchemy Index is split into two LPs, which are split into 2 EPs. Each EP is named after the classical elements of fire water, earth and air, thus making up the "Alchemy Index." The song I chose is the first track from Vol. IV: Earth. This entire volume has a much sadder feel to it, but I just love the sound of "Moving Mountains." As much as I can enjoy their post-hardcore tracks, sometimes nothing gets me more than hearing Dustin sing over an acoustic guitar like in this song.

On that note, Dustin released his first acoustic solo album last year and is releasing a Christmas one this year. I love his
live cover of Sinead O'Connors "Nothing Compares 2 U" that he did while performing under the alias "Ursus Veritas"--a play on Latin words meaning "(to) bear truth."

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