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Friday, December 26, 2008

Azure Ray - Sea of Doubts

He showed me death and said
This is how you know you're alive

Azure Ray is Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor. The two were originally part of Little Red Rocket until they disbanded and decided to release their self titled debut in 2001. They released their 2nd LP the year after that and their 3rd a year later. We didn't hear from them again until earlier this year when they played a few live shows, as both girls are now working on their own solo projects. You may also know them from their earlier collaborations with Bright Eyes and Now Its Overhead.

"Sea of Doubts" is from their 3rd album--Hold on Love. This is actually the only album of theirs that I've heard. It's also one of the most depressing albums I've heard. As unhappy as this song may sound, I think it's beautiful. The warm vocals of the girls, the piano melody, the violins in the background all come together so perfectly.

Favourite Part: The sighed "yeah" at 2:23 followed by the entrance of the drum rolls and ending with the girls singing "alive" in acapella.

Sea Of Doubts - Azure Ray

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