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Friday, December 5, 2008

Marissa Nadler - Dying Breed

Your Earthly days have passed you by
Where oh where did you go

The best way to describe Marissa Nadler's songs are "dreamy." Her voice is beautiful and she'll lure you in like a Siren. I think anyone that listens to her will agree that she sounds of another time, or maybe just timeless. "
Dying Breed" sounds like some Victorian age song. It conjures images of a widow waiting for her husband to return home on a ship during a foggy day with its chimes and bells in the background. Listen and "see" for yourself.

Despite being from the East Coast, Nadler didn't gain popularity in the States until her third album--Songs III: Bird on the Water. Prior to this she was touring mostly throughout Europe, eventually gaining attention from a UK label. Growing up, she initially developed a passion for art, which she still continues 'till this day. Eventually she picked up a guitar, followed by any stringed instrument she can get her hands on. Her fourth LP, Little Hells, is due to come out on March 3. The track list is as follows:

01 Heart Paper Lover
02 Rosary
03 Mary Comes Alive
04 Little Hells
05 Ghosts and Lovers
06 Brittle Crushed and Torn
07 The Whole Is Wide
08 River of Dirt
09 Loner
10 Mistress

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