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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Roots - In the Music

They say the city make a dark impression
The youth just lost and they want direction

"Hip hop bands" are few. In fact, the only legitimate one that I've personally listened to and been a fan of is the Roots. Their live shows are some of the best in hip hop. I was fortunate enough to catch them at Coachella for the first time in '07 but unfortunate because they only played a few of their own songs. I guess cause the audience didn't consist of their usual fan base and thought they'd entertain the masses with covers. Although they were amazing I was pretty disappointed cause I was hoping they'd play a lot of songs off their most recent album at the time--Game Theory.

I wish I could convince you to just buy this album and listen to it on high volume in your car. It's a damn good listen from beginning to end with the songs flowing in and out of each other. I had to listen to this album again twice before I could settle on one song. I chose "In The Music" simply for the following reason:

Favourite Part: The drums. Anyone who knows the Roots knows Questlove is a very talented drummer. I love the way the drums in this track sound like trash cans. The music video reveals that this is in fact what they were aiming for.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a stream of the song so I opted to post this video instead. On the bright side, you get to sample 3 tracks off the album as opposed to the usual 1 that I post. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the 3 they chose and how they mixed them but it is what it is. "In the Music" is the first song:

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