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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Scars on Broadway - World Long Gone

Maybe I don't know, how many people are starving
In this world long gone

Scars on Broadway released their self-titled debut album last year. For fans of System of a Down that liked the album, I think it was somewhat of a relief. SOB is comprised of the former guitarist (Daron Malakian) and drummer (John Dolmayan) of SOAD. Former front man, Serj Tankian released his a solo LP and former bassist, well ... who cares. I think many fans of SOAD were pretty disappointed with Serj's album. When SOB released their debut, it was received well by fans because, if you ask me, it sounded a lot like what you'd expect the next SOAD album to sound like if they were still together. Ok, way too many acronyms ...

"World Long Gone " is one of my favourite tracks off their album. It's still reminiscent of SOAD but without Serj's operatic outbursts. Instead we have Daron who shifts his singing perfectly to match the dynamics of the song. The song rocks hard but is spotted with short breakdowns. All in all it's short and sweet.

Favourite Part: That the song doesn't rock as hard as the first 15-20 seconds but alternates and has some balance.

Least Favourite Part: Whoever the fuck keeps repeating Daron in the background vocals.

So I just discovered this was their 2nd single. Way to kill my post.

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