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I am saddened to say that I will have to put my blog on an indefinite hiatus due to the fact that I currently have more than I can handle on my plate. I want to thank everyone that has ever visited this blog. I hope I have pleasured your eardrums.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday - Porcelain

When people die
They take a piece of us with them

Sometimes it can be difficult for me to be truly inspired by an artist to actually write about them that day. In the case of Thursday, it was more a feeling of nostalgia that brought me to it because, truth be told, I feel very over my "post-hardcore/screamo" days. It's weird to think how much I absolutely loved Thursday in high school, but now, don't even seem phased by the fact that they're playing a show in LA in two weeks and have a new album coming out. Still, I can't say that I hate them and occasionally, like today, remember how much I liked them and thought I'd pay tribute.

"Porcelain" is from their debut LP--Waiting. It's not so much that this is my favorite song but found that this would be one of the ones that would always just be stuck in my head. I think it's pretty definitive of Thursday's earlier music even though I don't personally feel that they've changed dramatically in their style--only evolved and matured. This isn't necessarily a bad thing and probably great for die hard fans who fell in love with Thursday during their first two albums. For me, it's gotten a bit old.

What further pushed me to do a post on them today is this music video I saw for "In Silence" off their new album--Common Existence. I found the video and music to be very captivating. Compared to the other two tracks I heard off the new album, this actually hints that the band might actually be doing more than evolving but actually experimenting a bit. Either way, I dig it. Check it out:

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