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Monday, February 9, 2009

Blink 182 - All of This

Another night with her
But I'm always wanting you

Am I the only one that was shocked by Blink 182's appearance last night? I mean, was everyone aware that they're actually going to release another album? I'll be upfront: I was never a huge fan of Blink. Their silly juvenile songs were catchy but by no means exceptional. It wasn't until the last album they recorded together, blink 182, that I actually listened to them--a lot, surprisingly. Thus, I'm probably not a "true fan" and, well, what do you know ... I wasn't claiming to be one! Regardless, I'm genuinely interested to see what they'll come up with. Their last album was a sign of maturity and their individual side projects confirm that they've grown as musicians. Anyway, I'm getting seriously side tracked here ...

One of the interesting elements to "All of This" is Robert Smith's appearance. Essentially, the song sounds more like one by The Cure than it does Blink 182 and not just because of Smith's vocals. Smith provides most of the vocals in the song, with Tom only singing during the chorus. The line, "Use me Holly," is supposed to refer to his ex who used him to get to his older brother. But I don't actually know if that's true. Wikipedia told me!

Favorite Part: I think the song is well put together overall but I really like how they used Smith's vocals on this. I don't know if they wrote the song and then decided he'd be a perfect fit or wrote it with him in mind. Either way, it was a brilliant decision.

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