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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stars - Personal

Wanted: single F, under 33
Must enjoy the sun, must enjoy the sea

Yep, just as the lyrics and song title suggest, "Personal" is about two people who meet, or try to at least, through personal ads. Sounds a little cheesy or random at first but the Stars do a great job. Frontman Torquil Campbell and guitarist Amy Millan (also members of Broken Social Scene) take turns singing the verses, each representing the male and female characters in the song, respectively.

This song is pretty depressing, I have to admit. I mean, the mere idea of personal ads is already depressing for me because of how many desperate and lonely people there really are out there. Unfortunately, the characters in this song don't meet and fall in love. In the beginning we find out that the woman recently lost her husband and is grieving, not to mention that she's not particularly good looking. Later we discover that the man either wanted someone less physically heavy or emotionally heavy--or both! I guess it's up to the listener to decide.

Favorite Part: I've always loved the concept and lyrics to this song. The music is good too but nothing spectacular. It fits well though.

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