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Monday, October 20, 2008

CunninLynguists - Love Aint

Love aint for the faint of heart

These opening lyrics by Tonedeff (a featured rapper on the track) sets the tone for the remainder of the song, "
Love Aint"; a somewhat bitter song about the trials and errors of love. Did I mention these guys are rappers?

CunninLynguists is the name of a southern rap group comprised of Deacon the Villain (rapper) and Kno (producer). This track is from their second album, SouthernUnderground, which also features Mr. SOS, who left the group by their third album and was replaced by Natti. Most CunninLynguists albums alternate between silly to serious tracks with their last two albums focusing more on the latter. There are few rappers or rap groups that I can say have consistently good albums, but these guys are one of them. I've loved all four of their albums and they just get better with each new release--especially Kno's production.

Their sound quality has tremendously improved, probably due to the fact that they had very little money for equipment when they first started. Kno is a master of diggin in the crates and discovering the most obscure artists or songs to sample. He also has been praised by The New York Times and Rolling Stones for his
remix of Jay-Z's Black Album.

In addition to their four full-length albums, CunninLynguists also released two mix tapes titled Sloppy Seconds, Vol. 1 & 2.

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