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I am saddened to say that I will have to put my blog on an indefinite hiatus due to the fact that I currently have more than I can handle on my plate. I want to thank everyone that has ever visited this blog. I hope I have pleasured your eardrums.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Girl Talk - Hands in the Air

Whoomp! There it is!

Greg Gillis, known as Girl Talk, is a scrawny biomedical research engineer by day and mash-up DJ by night. Unless, as mentioned in an interview last year, he finally decided to quit his day job and focus entirely on music. His fourth LP, Feed the Animals is like listening to an orgy of pop music spanning several decades featuring all your favorite hits. At his first of two shows last night at the Hendry Fonda Theatre on Hollywood, Gillis was his usual hyper self minus stripping entirely down to his boxers. I didn't understand a single word he said during his random rants on the mic but had a hell of a time dancing. Less than a minute into his set, he was surrounded with people from the crowd rushing the stage. Gillis himself would often stand up on his table and dance to his music, eventually diving into the crowd.

Picking a song to recommend was difficult because all tracks are essentially built on the same concept. Each track will feature a plethora of songs and it's really just a matter of maybe one or two samples you happen to hate or just not recognize. The song I chose makes me a bit nostalgic because of some of the songs he mixes and I dig nostalgia. But I'd highly recommend clicking on the link above to download the entire album (and then playing it at your party). Similar to what Radiohead did with In Rainbows, you can pay whatever you want for the album--even nothing!

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